Advance your Career with DWS.
Do you have what it takes?

We look across Australia for professionals who are passionate about delivering value to clients and want to develop their career in consulting. We have opportunities at all levels; graduate, associate, mid-level, and senior management positions. Are you passionate about your professional development? Do you thrive in a team environment, and are excited by the opportunity to work with high profile clients on challenging projects? Do you want to expand your development across a variety of industry settings? If this sounds like a great fit to you - and you have what it takes - then a rewarding career at DWS beckons.

The employee experience

"Investing in our greatest asset; our people"

Learning and Development

We recognise that it is important to stay current in an ever-changing industry. At DWS, we offer our Consultants opportunities to further develop their professional and technical skills through a wide range of approved industry-recognised accreditations. What’s more, DWS actually pays its consultants a bonus upon completion of an approved course.

Social Club

The DWS Company Social Club is run by Consultants for Consultants. DWS Management actively supports getting the DWS team together and subsidises many Social Club initiatives, including; Friday drinks, coffee catch-ups, family days, movies and theatre nights, sporting events and more. Some social club events are open to partners and family members, and we welcome all into the DWS Family.

Health and Wellbeing

DWS is committed to a healthy and supportive working environment. We offer gym and health insurance membership discounts, free annual flu vaccinations, eye testing, and numerous other annual initiatives to support your wellbeing.  Once in a while, you might need a day off just to recharge your batteries.  DWS has a unique approach to providing flexibility to our Consultants for an occasional “reboot day”.

Consultant Support Office

The DWS Human Resource Framework delivers a structured pathway for career growth. The HR team regularly connects with our Consultants, and actively encourage all Consultants to reach-out at any time, if assistance is needed. The DWS HR team takes your career seriously, and welcomes the opportunity to discuss your career goals and development. Our leadership team exercises an open-door policy and encourages all DWS consultants to utilise the benefits of the Consultant Support Office. Our CEO regularly invites Consultants to join him for a personal dinner, giving you the opportunity to share your thoughts.  

Corporate Discounts

DWS employees can benefit from corporate discounts in areas such as hotel stays, public transport, electronics, corporate clothing, salary sacrificing options, workplace giving, novated car leases and more.

DWS Group Culture

DWS fosters a supportive and inclusive culture, building on our core values of Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. We hold monthly Company Meetings and drinks in each state, providing an opportunity to get updated on the DWS Group business and to catch up with colleagues.  We invest in making DWS a great place to work with initiatives such as our Company Newsletter and (famous) DWS Christmas Party. And we have a long and proud history in “punching above our weight” in the Corporate Games; and other organised sporting events. Teamwork, core values, delivery excellence, career path - these things are ingrained into the DWS DNA, and it’s these that make DWS an Employer of choice.

Awards and Recognition

Attaining and retaining great people is fundamental to DWS’ success.   DWS proudly rewards its consultants for tenure, with specific Milestones Awards at 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service.  Furthermore, Consultants may be nominated for a Recognition Award by their peers for exceptional contributions they make to a client or to DWS. At an operational level, Consultants can also be financially rewarded through a generous DWS Referral Bonus, where he or she has successfully referred a new employee into the DWS family.

Project Diversity

DWS is privileged to have a broad national client base, some of whom have been clients for more than 20 years. This broad reach enables us to present our consultants with the opportunity to work on diverse Projects across many industries including Telecommunications, Utilities, Financial Services, Products, Entertainment, and local and federal Government.  Unlike many Consulting organisations, DWS is not in the habit of flying consultants around the country for client commitments, and as such provides for a good work-life balance.  That said, given DWS’ national presence, we do offer the flexibility for Consultants to transfer to other DWS locations if that is a personal objective.

The recruitment process

Application screening
Application screening
Your resume, skills and past experience will be reviewed and screened against the requirements of the role you have applied for. If your application meets the job criteria you will be invited to participate in an initial phone interview.
Behavioural interview
Behavioural interview
The behavioural interview will be conducted with a member from our Recruitment Team. The interview will focus on your motivations, technical skills, and cultural fit.
Peer interview
Peer interview
The peer interview will be conducted with one of our experienced DWS Consultants with a similar background to the candidate. The interview will assess your capability in your skills, expertise and experience.
Aptitude test
Aptitude test
The aptitude test is a (maximum of) 5 question test based on mathematical sequences that will assess your logical reasoning abilities.
Reference checks and offer
Reference checks and offer
You will be asked to provide 2 references from previous employers. If required, we may also ask your permission to carry out a Criminal Record or a Workers Right Status search.