A proud Australian company, with a proven model for delivering value to clients


A focus on Delivery Excellence underpins the DWS Group’s commitment to our clients. We have long-standing client relationships that span three decades. This is testament to our proven approach to management and delivery of professional services and resourcing options.


"Bottom line is I couldn’t be happier. They have put a strong team on the ground. In just a few short months they have won over the trust of the business”

Program Director, Major Financial Institution


DWS Program and Project Managers are qualified, accomplished professionals with an impressive track record of delivering across a broad spectrum of industries. Whether it be a small ad-hoc project or a large complex programme of work, we put the “right” delivery manager in charge for the situation. Supported by our delivery leadership executives, DWS Program and Project managers are led to shape plans that are deliverable, and then to deliver on their promise to achieve the required business outcomes.

PMO Services

DWS can industrialise delivery rigor across your project portfolio through our PMO services. Whether it be a need for a single project analyst to support a client project manager, through to the provision of a full stand-alone PMO function, DWS has the real-world practical experience to tailor an effective PMO solution for you


DWS executive leadership includes industry veterans with over 25 years experience in successfully delivering very large, complex, and global programs. We leverage this deep expertise in offering governance support and guidance to our clients, to help you steer your project to achieve the required outcome.

Quality Assurance Reviews

DWS applies a rigorous approach to quality on our engagements, and we offer the same focus as an independent service to our clients. Whether it be specific Assurance activities, Project Health Checks, PMO reviews and more, we can cast an independent quality lens over your engagement and revert with practical and pragmatic recommendations for assuring project and service delivery objectives.

Strategic Delivery Partner

DWS welcomes opportunities to work in a truly committed partnering arrangement with similarly-minded and committed organisations who need to uplift their delivery capability. As a proud local organisation with local management, we have the flexibility to construct innovative commercial arrangements for our mutual success. We welcome “skin-in-the-game” as a means to developing sustained long term relationships built on a foundation of successful delivery.


Symplicit, our specialised Customer-led Innovation Consultancy, can transform your customers experiences to create a new level of engagement. With our innovative Human-Centred Design philosophy, we create solutions your customers will want to use.


“They delivered great looking screens and interactions and introduced a great way for customers to get a quick quote with a few quick easy steps. Their continued advice on interactive improvements and thoroughness to detail was very important to RACV”

Paul Piaia | RACV Digital Services Project Manager (ICT)

Experience Strategy

There is a need for companies to have a customer-focussed, holistic approach to their product and service ecosystem. The articulation, delivery of that vision at DWS is what we call an Experience Strategy. At DWS we start with the customer and their purpose (what do they want). We’ll then look at the business and what they have promised the customer (what did they say they would do). We’ll then look at how the company performed (what did they deliver), review the ecosystem of products and services a company offers now and where they want to be in the future.

UX Design

UX design is a user-centred approach that is concerned with understanding how people interact with products and considering all their needs when designing the solution. The DWS UX design process is about enhancing people’s experiences while ensuring they find value in the product or service offered by creating products that are useful, easy to use, accessible and delightful to interact with.

Service Design

Service design refers to the purposeful research and design of services that are to be delivered to customers and how these need the key interactions and delivery points from staff. It can include the touch points (and communications), processes and systems that people interact with when dealing with a client brand. Service Design matters, as a client’s perception of a brand is heavily influenced by the sum of a series of interactions with many different channels for that brand. At DWS we have the capability to improve a service or create one from scratch.

Social Innovation

As a proud Australian organisation, the DWS Group plays its part in responsibly contributing to programs and initiatives to help improve the Australian community for the benefit of all. Recent examples include contributions of creative services to charities, working with a disability sports agency to develop its strategy, and delivering a technology solution to help communities engage on the social impacts of mining operations. The DWS Group has a proud track record as an active member of the Australian community.


Inefficient business processes lead to waste, sub-optimal performance, and a drain on already scarce resources. The DWS Group can help your business “lift the covers” and identify better ways to operate.


“We brought DWS in to investigate some existing operational costs in a particular area of our business. They identified significant opportunities for optimisation, and guided us to achieve major cost savings through subsequent negotiations with a long-standing service provider.”

Director – Large Utility Company

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the process of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. We are involved holistically whether it be software-systems development, process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development. Our Business Analysis capability underpins many of the other DWS Group capabilities and our BA’s have been engaged across a plethora of major clients and industries.

Process Optimisation

Optimising - or even transforming - an organisation’s business processes and workflows can deliver substantial recurring benefits, if done well. The DWS group can help you design and deliver improved and automated processes, in concert with our other offerings spanning customer, business, and technology.

Strategy Roadmap

In today’s world, organisations often grapple with the challenge of defining where they are as a business, where they want to go, and how they will get there. At DWS, we assist our clients in clearly defining an end state vision. We create Strategic Roadmaps to success that are flexible to accommodate any changes that necessitates adjustment across Business, Technology and Customer Experiences.

Change Management

To successfully implement technology and/or business process change, it is critical that the organisation is first ready to accept that change. DWS can help you plan for and execute Change Management to maximise the beneficial impacts of changes to the business.

M & A

DWS has a small “niche” pool of consultants who help clients undergo Mergers and Acquisitions. With emphasis on the Due Diligence processes, Integration Planning, Integration Execution and post-Merger Go-Live reviews our team can help you achieve full optimisation of the targeted synergies.


An organisation’s size is not always a strength; it can mask inefficiencies. DWS has experience in a vast array of Productivity initiatives from Enterprise wide transformations down to targeted, small scale improvement initiatives, typically focussing on sustainable, cost-out delivery, using various methodologies including Lean and Six Sigma.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing offers significant scope to attain efficiencies through improved Sourcing approaches and greater leverage of non-traditional market capability. DWS is well-equipped to conduct all elements of an end-to-end Strategic Sourcing Review, supported by an extensive array of methodologies, benchmarking data and repeated experience.

Procurement Optimisation

DWS have worked with numerous clients seeking to optimise their Procurement function and deliver sustainable benefits to their spend with third parties through improved strategies, structures, processes, tools and relationship management.


The DWS Group offers a broad Technology Services capability, ranging from provision of individual technology-skilled resources right through to the end-to-end delivery of large Technology Solutions and Managed Services.


“The DWS team did a fantastic job working with us to realise our vision for delivering science impact at scale, for Australia and globally. They worked flexibly and collaboratively with one eye on delivery and one very firmly focused on the ambition we have for our work”

Dr. Kieren Moffat– Resources in Society Group Leader, CSIRO Mineral Resources

System Integration

Systems Integration, including applications development, is DWS’ heritage. Whether it be as the System Integrator (aka ”the SI”) - where DWS takes accountability for delivery of an outcome and does this under DWS delivery management - or through provision of individuals or teams delivering under the management of a client project manager or another provide, we can help you.


DWS has a cadre of highly skilled Enterprise and Solution Architects, able to help your organisation chart a course across technology, application and infrastructure domains.


From conceptualising the ideal cross-platform Digital experience, to planning the Customer Journey, to building your Digital vision once articulated - DWS has the technology, digital architecture and implementation capability to make it a reality. We also bring to the table our leading forms automation product iApply, which today delivers an exceptional digital experience for many public and government organisations nationally.


The DWS Cloud team can help take your organisation into the cloud, with consultants qualified in the most popular Cloud provider technologies such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon (AWS). We provide comprehensive cloud services spanning cloud strategy and roadmaps, aligning security requirements, cloud architectures, and build and deployment of infrastructure and cloud-based solutions.


DWS can work with your IT organisation to attain a new level of delivery effectiveness through DevOps. With DWS DevOps, Development teams and Operations teams work together to define all the handover points from code writing to production drops, to introducing automation tools to removing manual handling, and formalisation of who is responsible for which elements of the process. With a DevOps approach, DWS can help your organisation significantly reduce time to market.

Analytics / Big Data

DWS has vast experience in end-to-end Analytics projects from requirements gathering to data acquisition, data warehousing & online Analytical Platform methods, through to information delivery strategy. DWS are Microsoft Gold Analytic partners and have skills in a variety of other toolsets to offer the best solution to our clients. DWS can help you transform your organisation’s data into valuable information and insights.

Enterprise Testing

DWS’ Enterprise Testing Services (ETS) offering provides a “one stop shop” for delivery of Testing Services. Under an ETS arrangement, the specialised DWS test team takes responsibility for planning and execution of a broad range of testing (typically everything post unit test) and then gets measured on a series of pre-defined KPIs and SLAs to confirm quality and testing service metrics are being met. Having challenges with your testing function? ETS can help.

Managed Services

With DWS’ Managed Application Services (MAS), we take responsibility for the operational uptime of your application, whilst providing a vehicle for effective management of trouble tickets and application enhancements. We’ve done this for many clients over the years - including long-standing arrangements with Federal Government agencies. You can trust DWS to manage your applications.

DWS Group Model for Delivering Value